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Miss Universe video

We just filmed a video of my beautiful country for Miss Universe together with Marcus Tinnerholm. So excited to show to you all once it is finished! Nice and cold winter weather here in Sweden 🙂






Svensk Damtidning

I had a lovely time talking to the reporter Ellen Myrgard from Svensk Damtidning on Thursday. Can’t wait for the interview to come out!


Miss Universe Profile

My Miss Universe profile is now online you can find it here on the link below:

Alan Strutt Photos

New pictures taken with the famous photographer Alan Strutt! What do you think?

Camilla Hansson

Crown 1

Camilla Hansson

Operation Orphan Fashion Show

Last week I participated in raising money for the children through the Operation Orphan fashion show event in Nottingham. I was walking the catwalk and donating money from my own wardrobe to buy. I believe we raised about 1500 pounds which is good! We ended up on the front paper of Nottingham Post!



You can read the full article here:


In the fitting room of the Operation Orphan charity fashion show event with Miss Nottingham and Malin.







Malin and I in Vintage fashion clothing to be donated


Ambassador for Operation Orphan

I’m very honoured to announce that I am an ambassador for the wonderful organisation Operation Orphan, a charity designed to bring a brighter future for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. I have travelled with them a few weeks ago to Eastern Slovakia to see the incredible work they do first hand. We visited refugee camps and gave out warm clothing to children for the cold winter months. What is unique about the charity is that 100% of the donations go directly to the children. I hope to be able to work with them long term and to help them in every way I can to make a difference to these childrens lives. You can read more about them organisation here


IMG_0941 IMG_0984 IMG_1008 IMG_1018 IMG_1020





Pictures with Fadil Berisha

Here are the pictures from the Photoshoot with Fadil Berisha in New York. I’m really happy about them, he is such an amazing photographer x

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BI1T1979 copy crop

BI1T2075 copy crop

BI1T2158 copy crop

BI1T2297 copy crop

BI1T2360 copy crop

BI1T2367 copy crop

BI1T2433 copy crop BW

BI1T2440 copy crop

BI1T1951 copy

BI1T2248 copy crop

Miss Universe wardrobe

While I was in NYC I stopped by the Mac Duggal showroom as they kindly let me borrow a big part of my Miss Universe wardrobe. They have some really beautiful designs! I also went to the Yvone Christa jewellery store on 223 Mott street to choose some jewellery to match my outfits and they have some very unique stunning pieces. The dresses that are shown on the pictures below are not the one I’ve chosen to wear at Miss Universe (It would be too soon to reveal!) Here you can find the Mac Duggal dresses and here is the website for the Yvone Christa jewllery

Untitled IMG_20141107_173249

At the Mac Duggal showroom in NYC


Yvone Christa jewellery to be reveled at Miss Universe

Photoshoot with Fadil Berisha

On Thursday I took some photos with the famous and very talented photographer Fadil Berisha in his studio in New York. The pictures turned out gorgeous! (I will upload all of them once they are ready). Here are some behind the scenes photos from his studio.





With Fadil and his team above and Malin to the right who works with me


Supermodel Beverly Johnson was in the studio at the same time taking photos


Meeting Lu Sierra

I had the chance to meet Lu Sierra in New York who is the official catwalk coach for Miss Universe. We spent 3h together and she prepared me for what to expect at miss Universe and she taught me a bit how to walk and pose. You can see one of her Youtube clips below: