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Interview with The Ideal beauty

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Exclusive Interview

Camilla Hansson – Miss Sweden Earth 2012


TIB – Who is Camilla Hansson? Tell us something that will make us remember you.
Camilla – I am an ambitious model and entrepreneur from Stockholm and the winner of Miss Sweden Earth 2012. Right now I’m working on setting up a healthy food restaurant and preparing for the big Miss Earth competition. I love taking on new challenges I think that’s what life is all about to keep growing as a person and to work hard at reaching your dreams.

TIB – Tell us something interesting about your country Sweden that people might not know.
Camilla – Sweden has one of the highest levels of gender equality in the world. Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of Swedish society. It means that women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all areas of life. Almost half of all Swedish members of parliament and government ministers are women. We also have the highest percentage of working mothers in the developed world.

TIB – What made you want to get into pageants?
Camilla – I watched Miss Sweden as a child with my family and I inspired to be one of those girls. I love beauty in any form but I also think Miss Earth is so much more than just physical beauty. You have to stand for something and you have to be very smart and be able to communicate well. Also what differentiates Miss Earth from modeling is that you represent yourself and not a brand which is what I like. Being Miss Earth Sweden has given me a bigger voice to express myself and it has also given me more self-confidence.

TIB – Why do you want to become Miss Earth 2012?
Camilla – I think Miss Earth is a great organization it really stands for beauty with a purpose and they do great things for helping to save the environment and if I would win and be their representative for 2012 then that would be a great honor. I am passionate about preserving our beautiful planet and of course if I would become Miss Earth then that would give me a bigger impact and power to do so.

Camilla Hansson

TIB – If you had only one wish, what would it be and why?
Camilla – For the people I love to be happy and healthy for the rest of their lives

TIB – Have you, or would you, use an online dating service?
Camilla – No too risky! I’m not against it though I heard about people who find their true love trough a dating service but I always want to know a lot about somebody before I go on a date with them just to be sure who I am meeting so it’s not for me. I prefer meeting people through common friends or maybe work.

TIB – 5 Things You Think Make You Happy
Family & friends
Travelling and discovering new places
Work and achievements
Freedom and independence

TIB – What is you special message to all your fans around the world?
Camilla – Thank you for your support and for your kind messages it gives me strength for the Miss earth competition and motivates me to really give my best to make my country Sweden proud. And never give up on your own dreams whatever they are; you have to try your best in life. The key is to believing in yourself and your abilities to do things.

Camilla Hansson


Press from Oh My Gossip website

Thank you Oh My Gossip website for writing about me and supporting me in Miss Earth!


Miss Earth Sweden 2012 Camilla Hansson joined the army of Ohmygossip Couture beauty title holders


Miss Earth Sweden 2012 Camilla Hansson

OHMYGOSSIP — Camilla Hansson is one of the new beautiful “Ohmygossip Couture” representatives from Sweden. She will be our spokesperson and beauty representative in Miss Earth 2012 in Manila, Philippines. Camilla Hansson was crowned Miss Earth Sweden on the 26th of August in Stockholm and is Sweden’s official delegate at the beauty contest.

Ohmygossip Couture” discussed cooperation opportunities with Camilla Hansson in Miss Earth competition and in the long term bases ass well, and are very glad to announce that we have a shiny new model to work with.

Camilla is a very a beautiful and enterprising young women. A person who highly values ​​health and family. Model who never remain unnoticed by anyone. She is really beautiful and we are very happy to have found once again a beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted and lovely girl.

Since 2008 Ohmygossip Couture’s one speciality is to make collaboration with different big beauty competitons and world wide beauty titleholders . We have our representatives in all the mayor beauty pageants – Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World, Miss Globe, Miss International, Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Asia Pacific etc..

Ohmygossip Couture supports contestants with stylish and attractive leisure wear and ravishing designer jewelry. The distinguished brand, having been launched in Latin America in 2008 and permanently gaining popularity since then, is a springboard for many girls – Ohmygossip Couture supports them in their pursuit for standing out from mediocrity – our bright coloured, cheerful and glaring garments always give rise to some extra attention towards their owner.

Ohmygossip Couture is actively collaborating with Gossip Media LLC web portals, which are official accredited media partners for the world’s most prominent beauty contests. All the chosen girls will get an immense media coverage stemming from this partnership in all media channels of Gossip Media LLC ( ‘s Ohmygossip Norway and Ohmygossip Sweden) on behalf of the brand.



Another one:


Miss Earth Sweden 2012 Camilla Hansson: Family is the most important thing in life

Miss Earth Sweden 2012 Camilla Hansson

OHMYGOSSIP — Miss Earth 2012, the 12th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, will take place on November 24, 2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. The pageant will be broadcasted live on Star World at 8:00 p.m. and will be shown on November 25, 2012, 10:00 a.m. on ABS-CBN, TFC-The Filipino Channel, and also on channels of participating counties worldwide.

Miss Earth Sweden 2012 Camilla Hansson’s interview for

What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

My environmental project “Healthy You. Healthy Planet” is about encouraging people to think about what they eat and where the food has been sourced from. We should try to eat local and seasonal food wherever possible and increase our intake of fruit and vegetable, avoid processed food, eat sustainably sourced food and buy products with recyclable packing or as little packaging as possible to help the planet. The good news is that food that’s healthy for us is generally healthy for the planet to eat too. I am encouraging people to have a diet that’s good for health reasons as well as environmental reasons. The other big issue with our food consumption is food waste, which has a big negative impact on the environment because of the methane gas it releases when the food rots, so I’m raising awareness and educating people on how to waste less. This will benefit our planet as well as our own pockets if we can waste less food. By giving practical advice on how to reduce food waste and choose our food responsibly I am hoping to inspire other people to make a difference as well. I have volunteered for the Swedish church collecting leftover food from coffee shops in Stockholm which they haven’t been able to sell which we then give to homeless people. That’s one way we can reduce food waste by giving it away to the people that need it instead of wasting it.


What makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?

What makes me proud of Sweden is that there is a sense of equality among everyone whether you are a man or a woman and regardless of your class you are treated with the same respect and have the same opportunities in the society. We have one of the best welfare systems in the world with public healthcare and schools being free. We are also one of the healthiest countries in the world where eating healthy and exercising comes naturally to many people. We have vast recycling programs in place where we encourage people to recycle and reward them for doing so, which in turn makes recycling accessible and easy in Sweden. Conscious about protecting our environment almost half of the energy we are using in Sweden is renewable, and few other countries have as high goals in renewable energy consumption as Sweden.


Describe your childhood/growing years:

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, a beautiful place with water all around it and astonishing architecture and nature. I felt very safe growing up there as a child and the quality of life we had there as a family was very good. I went to a private school and my parents were strict with teaching me good mannerism and how to behave with respect towards other people. Apart from getting a lot of love from my parents they also gave me a lot of freedom when I was growing up which made me very independent and I learned from an early age how to take care of myself without depending on anyone else. On weekends my father used to take me away from the city and we’d go to the countryside where we’d go fishing and long walks in the woods, spending most of our time outside which is where I grew to love and appreciate the beauty of our nature and the environment which we live in.


What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

I learned that family is the most important thing in life. That no matter what happens you always have your family to get love and strength from. Strong families encourage each other in life and support each other. Because we were a family of 5 I also learned that you have to share with other people and not be selfish and to look after one another. And even today in one’s hectic schedule I always prioritize my family first and take time off to spend quality time. I also saw that the mother is the one who keeps a family together; she is the heart of a family. And I learned that the best way to raise your children as a parent is by leading by example and to be a role model whom your children can look up to which is what I intend to be the day I have my own children. But the most important thing which I learned is how to practice the Christian faith which is where I get all my strength from.


What is your most memorable moment?

When I went to Senegal, Africa when I was 18, I remember I hadn’t seen such poverty before and it was really an eye opener to see how some people live in difficulties and struggle throughout their lives. It made the small problems that I had in my life feel insignificant. And also, I saw how some very poor families still looked happy even though they didn’t have much so I believe it’s all about how you feel inside that matters and creates your happiness, not the worldly things and possessions.


What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose it?

I want to encourage people to start thinking and take responsibility for the food that we consume. The way we eat has a massive impact on the planet. One of the problems we face today is that we waste too much food in the western world and food waste has a serious negative impact on the environment. The other issue I want to raise awareness about is for people to think about where the food we consume comes from. The good thing is that generally what is healthy for us people to eat is also healthy for the planet. It helps the environment if we buy food that is both local and seasonal wherever possible, as well as thinking about cutting down on processed food, and buy certified and sustainable produce with recyclable packaging. By doing some easy practical things in our daily lives we can waste less and eat more healthily which will benefit the planet’s health as well as our own health.


What tip can you share to promote sustainable energy for all?

Our population is becoming bigger and bigger and we require more resources and more energy. But the way we are using our energy resources today is not sustainable for the planet. We need to find alternatives for cleaner energy. The first thing we should do is to stop wasting energy. When we start to use energy more wisely it will be easier to create a more renewable energy system. It is also a political issue to make sure we put up goals and take actions for our own country to make it cleaner and better for the planet. Renewable energy is our planet’s future.


Reduce Food waste

About 27 % of the food that is being bought in Sweden we throw away to waste. Food waste has a massive negative impact on the environment, when food rots it releases methane, a greenhouse gas emission which is very damaging for the planet. The best way to stop food waste is by planning ahead carefully with our shopping and our meals.

I’ve been volunteering for the Swedish Church picking up left over food from coffee shops and restaurants which they haven’t been able to sell and we gave it to the hungry homeless people. This is an excellent way to reduce food waste and giving it to the needy instead of throwing it away which is sad to do when there are so many people that doesn’t have food to eat.

Educating people about how to reduce food waste is one part of what I am doing for my Miss Earth project “Healthy You Healthy Planet”.

As you can see we did get quite a lot of food in our trolley that we collected and were able to give away.



Interview with Blackberry magazine

Had another interview today, this time with Amanda Oxell from the new magazine Blackberry which is a health and beauty magazine that will be out around November this year. We met up for a rewarding talk at the cosy Mocco coffee shop in Stockholm. I’m looking forward to reading the article from this interesting and bright journalist!

Picture of Amanda



Interview with Eja

Yesterday I had a good chat with the lovely Eja from Drottningar in Sturegallerian, Stockholm. We talked a little bit about what awaits me for the big Miss Earth competition and how to prepare. You can read the interview on the two links below. Have a good Monday!!!

Picture from Ejas website


Or if you cant click on the link above I have copied the interview in below. (It’s in Swedish)

Camilla Hansson -Sveriges hopp i Miss Earth 2012! Möt kvinnan bakom de bruna ögonen.

Hennes bruna ögon glittrar och drar till sig allas blickar.
Camilla Hansson kommer att göra Sverige stolt efter finalen av Miss Earth 2012!
Drottningar! träffade denna skönhet tidigare i dag, ta del av mötet nedan.
    2012-10-07 @ 19:29:31

Drottningar! mötte Camilla Hansson-Miss Earth Sweden 2012!

Vilken trevlig pratstund vi hade på Sturegallerian denna söndag, Miss Earth Sweden Camilla Hansson och jag!
Det skiner om denna skönhetsDrottning! som snart ska ut i världen och representera oss i en av de största av skönhetstävlingar; Miss Earth!
Och i år är hon redo, efter att ha missat topp 8 i Miss Universe Sweden förra året.
Camilla menar att hon lärt sig mycket sedan förra året och det märks minsann!
I år strålar det om denna Miss som vuxit till sig och numera älskar att gå på catwalken och visa upp sig.
Miss Earth är mycket mer än en skönhetstävling. Här gäller det att utföra uppgifter som bedöms och används till att välja ut de 16 i finalen. Sedan tar en mer konventionell skönhetstävling vid där den vackraste till slut kröns Miss Earth 2012 med tre “tärnor” i följe; Miss Fire, Miss Air, and Miss Water.
Vore ju fantastiskt om vårt svenska hopp kunde knipa om inte vinnartiteln åtminstone en av de andra 3 titlarna.
Då skulle Camilla få stanna kvar i Filippinerna och representera och sedan dyka upp i organisationen då och då under året.
Dessutom skulle en topplacering säkert få pressen att uppmärksamma vår svenska skönhetsDrottning och hela tävlingen.
Trots att Miss Earth är ett av världens största evenemang är det svårt för Camilla att hitta sponsorer som hjälper med aftontoiletter och bijouterier mm. Detta är sorgligt att ingen vågar satsa på denna PR. Om Camilla vinner är det nog flera designers som kommer bita sig i läppen och ångra att de inte vågade satsa.
Men än är det inte för sent, Camilla beger sig inte till Filippinerna före slutet av månaden.
Finalen hålls den 24 november i Manilla, Filippinerna.
Förhoppningsvis får vi då fira en svenskr triumf och se Camilla Hansson främst på podiet!
Drottningar! tror mycket  om Camillas chans i årets final.
Heja, heja! skanderar eja!



Photos taken for Miss Earth

I’ve taken some new photos for Miss Earth yesterday at Model House Sweden in Stockholm. They were very professional and made the day fun and easy. The makeup artist that did my makeup Catrine Eriksson did probably a better job with putting on my makeup than anyone else ever have, she was great. Lots of smiley pictures this time 🙂 Bikini photos coming soon… Xxx

They also did a short inteview with me which you can read here:,-camilla-hansson-p%C3%A5-mh.html








Clothes to charity

The other day I decided to organise my wardrobe and to separate the clothes that I am not wearing and give away to friends and to the charity shop Oxfam. I managed to fill up a big suitcase of clothes to give away! It’s a tricky process because you give away some nice clothes but my motto is that if you haven’t used it for 1 year then I will most probably never use it either. Right?

As I am studying on ways how we can all help to save the planet and our environment in our daily lives for my Miss Earth project I thought it was a good start to give some unwanted clothes away to charity that way they won’t go to waste. There are so many things we just throw away without even thinking about it. If we would start for example with something simple like giving away old clothes to charity instead of throwing them away then that in itself would make a big difference.





Christmas cover shoot

Did another cover shoot for Pick me up magazine today for their Christmas issue, in the last shot they dressed me up as miss Santa clause just to play around hehe