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Home radio visit

Miss Scotland, Venezuala, Usa, Brazil and myself were chosen to be on Home radio for a little talk the other week which I forgot to write about! Here are some pics below:






Hannah beach resort

We arrived yesterday at Hannah beach resort where we will be staying for 2 nights. Yesterday we had a competition show here where we had to wear bikini, cocktail dresses and have an interview on stage, and I’m so happy to say that I won together with Miss Venezuela 🙂 I received 10.000 pesos cash and flowers as well as a sash 🙂

This is what we have been doing today, all the Misses were driving around in these fun scooters





Evening gown competition

On Friday we had our evening gown competition at The Lake hotel which is a beautiful place with the most amazing view. I won bronze medal for best evening gown! Very happy about that as there were so many girls with so many beautiful dresses.






Video clip from ANC morning news

Video clip with myself and a few other contestants from ANC morning news yesterday 🙂


Meeting the Mayor of Batangas city

Meeting the Mayor of Batangas city


This morning on ABS CBN News

This morning at Abs CBN News where talked about the Miss Earth competition and our environmental advocacy’s .

I was sleeping in the car on the way there and then we were rushed out of the car and into the studio so I didn’t have time to apply makeup (!)

Christmas story telling at Enchanted Kingdom

I was chosen as one of the girls to read a section of the Christmas story in Enchanted Kingdom amusement park, and meanwhile I was reading they played out a show. It reminded me of back home when I saw all the Christmas decorations, they even had fake snow! We also had the talent competition that evening, I was really impressed by some of the girls like Bahamas had the most amazing voice.

Miss Bahamas singing at talent competition. Miss Turkey was the winner.

Resort wear competition

We had a resorts wear competition in Pontefino hotel outside of Manila where we stayed overnight and the delegates were asked to bring their own outfit to compete for the best resorts wear look! Venezuela won…


Litre of Light

One of the charities we got honored to be involved in here in Philippines is A Litre of Light foundation, which is a sustainable light project that aims to bring an eco friendly solar bottle bulb to low income communities all over Philippines and other countries. The Solar Bottle bulb is a low cost device made from PET soda bottles and a solution of water and chlorine. When the sun shines outside the bottles light up peoples homes who can otherwise not afford to have electricity so they have to live in the dark. Its amazing because its almost just as powerful as a electric light bulb yet its only made from PET bottles, water and chlorine! We had the chance to produce these light bottles in their work shop and later go to the poor communities within Manila and see how they work in peoples homes.

Made the first solar bottle bulb, I finished first in my group!

With Miss Canada

This boy was so sweet he was standing outside waiving the Swedish flag for me

This is how the light solar bottle works in one of the homes


This girl was waiting for us in the village and she was wearing her own beauty queen crown

Doing photoshoot for A Litre of Light foundation








Golden Sunset show and bikini competition

A few days ago we left the hotel we were staying at in Manila and went to a resort called The Golden Sunset where we had our bikini competition. We started the show with an “wildlife” inspired opening dance. It was fun but unfortunately we had only 30min to practice the choreography so there were a few mistakes once the show started… I was chatting to the girls backstage and getting  ready when all the sudden we all had to go on stage and I was still wearing my flip flops when everyone else were wearing their high heel sponsor shoes as you can see I’m a bit shorter than everyone else!

Bikini competition