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Last week of exercise before Miami

Last chance for gym exercise this week at Nuffields before Miami in 1 weeks time! Gym top from Björn Borg.



Dairy free ice cream made with coconut milk

Relatively guilt free dairy free ice cream dessert made from coconut milk which you can buy from Wholefoods when you just have those cravings! Strawberry is my favorite 🙂


Health and Beauty Tip- Lemons

Another beauty and health tip I want to share with you which I have every morning is a glass of warm water with lemon (not boiling as you don’t want to ruin the enzymes in the lemon, it should be lukewarm so that you are able to drink it). Have this first thing in the morning before your food.  This has many health and beauty benefits such as:

  • Kicks start the digestion
  • Cleanses your system
  • Boost your immune system as lemons are high in vitamin C
  • Makes your body Alkaline
  • Gives you clearer skin because of the cleansing effect
  • Aids in weight loss

Always use fresh lemons and organic if possible. Squeeze half a lemon into a cup of lukewarm water and drink first thing in the morning before you have anything to eat. I actually try to have a glass of water afterwards as well to cleanse a little extra and to hydrate the body after the night. I really don’t feel as good if I don’t have this in the morning. Also I personally find that if I start the day healthy I tend to make better choices throughout the day. So try this and the green smoothie afterwards that I wrote about in a previous blog and you will really be on your way to good health and beautiful skin.


Morning Green Smoothie


As some of you may not know I am studying to soon become a qualified nutritionist. This is very exciting as I am passionate about health, nutrition and natural beauty. I believe that you can eat yourself more beautiful. Eating the right foods gives you the ultimate health and beauty. I don’t believe in dieting or counting calories, only in filling your body with the right nutrients that it needs.

I thought I’d share with you a green smoothie recipe that I drink first thing every morning or at least 5 times a week. This recipe gives about 700 ml of green smoothie which is about the amount I drink for breakfast. Drinking this smoothie regularly will give you a more beautiful glowing skin, great energy and it’s a good way to incorporate some of your 5 a day. Plus it will also reduce your cravings throughout the day so it actually helps in weight loss as well. Just remember to drink it before your food first thing in the morning or as an afternoon snack. Personally this is all I have for breakfast usually until lunch apart from maybe a piece of fruit.

Green Smoothie Recipe

1 Cup filtered water

2 Cups chopped Spinach

1-2 Cups chopped Romaine lettuce

½ Cup chopped celery

1 Apple

1 Banana

Optional lemon juice

You just add everything into a blender and mix. You can mix the greens up so that you might use kale instead of spinach or use cucumber instead of celery etc. It’s important to have a good blender that can blend the ingredients into a smooth juice like consistency. I actually prefer drinking smoothies to juices because you keep all the fiber in the vegetables and fruits, and our body needs that fiber for cleansing our bodies and also it keeps you fuller. Please try to ensure that all ingredients are organic.

Green smoothie


Let me know how you like it!