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Universal Beauty Council Interview

Interview with Universal Beauty Council I did a few weeks ago please click on link below to read 🙂







Live radio show

LIVE: Meet Miss Earth Sweden Camilla Hansson, Zumba Expert Priya Dighe, Pilates Super-Guru Portia Page, and Celebrity Actress and Natural Living practitioner Sarah Kozlowski, in the “Health Tips Podcast”! * LIVE* on August 30th, 2013 @ 5 PM (UK Standard Time). Register Now, Click Here:  . Limited Seats!

I’m going to be on the “Health Tips Podcast” radio on the 30th August 5pm UK time. If you register on this link you will be able to listen and also ask any questions that you might have for me live!



Radio show

Going to be on a radio show soon talking about health and fitness!


Tresemme hair and Forever 21 Fashion Show

Some old pics I’ve found from The Tresemme hair show we did in cooperation with Forever 21 clothing brand, with an interview afterwards in the mall during the Miss Earth competition.




My visit to Model House Sweden

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(It’s in Swedish)





Interview :)

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Miss Sweden Earth Camilla Hansson: I’m just really enjoying my life at the moment

Photo by: Promo. Miss Sweden Earth Camilla Hansson
Miss Sweden Earth Camilla Hansson


“Everything I have worked and strived for has brought me to this moment  in time and I am just enjoying this stage in my life where I am young  and free and I am just trying to make the most of it,” beautiful Miss Sweden Earth 2012 and international Ohmygossip Couture brand representative Camilla Hansson tells exclusively.


Please tell me how your life has been after Miss Earth? What have you done?

Prior to Miss Earth I put a lot of things on hold in my life as it required a lot of hard work preparing for the competition and also since I was away for quite a long time in the Philippines but I have now gone back to working in property, doing some modelling and I am always travelling a lot.
Did this competition change your life a lot? How exactly?

It does change your life in terms of you start getting more attention and you feel a sense of achievement. Overall it was a great experience for me I got to learn so much about different cultures and people around the world. I was able to act as an ambassador for my country Sweden which I loved and I’ve had some great memories. It also opened my eyes to charity work and gave me the chance to be aware about the current problems in our environment and since I felt I had a responsibility with this title it gave me the extra push to study and get involved in things that I might otherwise not have done.


Are you going to participate in some other beauty pageants shortly?

I think never say never but I think am ready to move on to the next chapter in my life. But like I said it has been a great experience. 


You are Swedish girl who moved to London? Why did you decide to move? Why London?

I moved to London when I was very young just 18 and had just finished school I came here all by myself, I was ready for something bigger and I had a gut feeling that London was the place I needed to be so one day I just packed my bags and left and it was probably the best decision I have ever made. London has been very good for me. I would recommend for anyone who is young to live abroad for at least 1 year it makes you very independent and it’s a good life experience. 


What are your long term goals and plans – are you going to stay in London?

I have many dreams but I think it is also very important to live in the moment. In my younger years I was so focused on my future and my goals that I totally forgot to live in the present moment and that’s a big mistake I believe. But ultimately have my own business one day, do more charity work and eventually get married and have kids. In terms of where I am planning to live I love London but I am open minded to where the future takes me.
In our last interview you told me that you wish to open a healthy food restaurant. Are you still working on this business plan?

Yes the funding fell through but I am very close to getting new funding now for the business so hopefully when we speak next year I will be up and running.
What are your plans for this summer?

I always plan things so last minute and therefore I don’t have any definite plans at the moment but I am hoping to spend some time with my family in Sweden as I have recently become a godmother, and hopefully also be able to be on a beach somewhere sunny.
I have seen a lot of shiny, sunny and bright pictures about you lately in FB. Is it just in your nature to be this glowing or is it a new love or maybe both?

I’m just really enjoying my life at the moment and feeling happier than ever. Everything I have worked and strived for has brought me to this moment in time and I am just enjoying this stage in my life where I am young and free and I am just trying to make the most of it. In terms of boyfriend there isn’t one at the moment.


New Pics :)

Hi guys,

I was in Sweden over the weekend and while I was there I had the opportunity to take some new pictures with the photography studio Model House Sweden. I’m really happy with the pictures or what do you think? I find that every time I’m there they are very professional in terms of makeup and hair as well as the photographer. I can recommend them if you are looking to take some new pictures because the good thing is that you get your makeup and hair done by a professional makeup artist and after the photo session you can choose which pictures you would like to purchase so there is no obligation to purchase if you are not happy with them. I think this is a great concept because as a model too many times when you start out you pay a photographer to take pictures and then you’re not even happy with them so this way the pressure is off the customer and you only buy what you are happy with. Check out their website they do all sorts of pictures not just modelling pics: